Accelerated Saving Plan

It is common knowledge that inflation erodes savings as the years go by.
For example, PKR 100,000 saved today may probably be worth less than PKR 60,000 in five years’ time, in terms of today’s purchasing power. In such a scenario, an individual is unable to accumulate sufficient funds to meet life’s essential future requirements such as marriage and education expenses. Also, the individual is not capable of leaving behind a meaningful amount for his dependents to survive, especially in case of his unexpected death.

So where does one turn? Only especially tailored investment and insurance vehicles can continuously build good value for your money, while providing the security your dependents may need. IGI Life Pakistan’s Accelerated Savings Plan provides a life cover with realistic financial protection as well as substantial return at maturity.

Through this plan your coverage increases each year in order to protect you against the peril of inflation. Upon maturity, the benefit that you receive can be expected to exceed the total money paid in the form of premiums.

Salient Features

  • Life Cover up to PKR 40 million or more offers peace of mind for you and your family
  • This plan offers flexible terms and you can choose one that suits your unique needs
  • A variety of supplementary benefits (riders) is available to enhance the benefits of the main plan. These include Waiver of Premium, Permanent & Total Disability, Accidental Death Benefit, Accidental Indemnity Benefit, Income Shield, Shifa Care, Recovery Benefit Rider, Accident Care Benefit, Income Benefit Rider, Level Term Insurance and Family Protection Rider
  • Death Benefit is the higher of the ASP face amount or the accumulated account value
  • You can avail facilities such as cash withdrawal and loans against your policy
  • Lifetime Pension – In lieu of the maturity benefit you may elect a pension to commence from an age you choose. The pension will be payable for 20 years and thereafter for lifetime.

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Last updated Tuesday 5th December 2023