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Yes, you can make your online premium payments directly to IGI Life through any of the given modes of payment available in the link below. Please note that you will receive an SMS confirmation upon receipt of your premium within 48 hours. If you do not receive the confirmation please contact us at or call us on (+92) (021) 111 111 711.

Click Here for Conventional Plans Online Payment.

Click Here for Takaful Plans Online Payment.

Vitality is an interactive and personalized wellness program that makes it easy for you to live your healthiest life. This program is trusted by millions of members throughout the world.

Vitality incentivizes you to maintain an active lifestyle in the form of PKR 500 vouchers per week, Wearable device cashback and up to 18% integrated benefit annually based on the physical activity target you achieved.

To know more about IGI Life Vitality, click here

It is not mandatory to purchase a wearable device, you can still track your physical activity i.e. steps using your smartphone through Health app for IOS and Samsung Health app for android.

You can earn up to 100% cash back towards the purchase price of the device over a 24-month for a Smartwatch purchased through the program from IGI Life Vitality.

Vitality offers you many ways to earn your fitness points using your smartphones but heart rate monitor is recommended for those active individuals who regularly participate in multisport events like cycling, walking/running & swimming or other cardiovascular forms of exercise as well which would be easier for the member to get the Vitality points easily as compared to the members who are not using heart rate monitor or wearable device.

Following the Takaful Rules 2012 issued by SECP that conventional life insurance companies were allowed to commence Window Takaful Operations. IGI Life was amongst the pioneers to embark upon the Family Takaful venture.

For more information about our Takaful plans, click here

Vitality Takaful Plan – IGI Life WTO Traditional Family Takaful Plans
Focused on leading a healthy and active life Focused on fear of death, morbidity/disability
Differentiated insurance plan + healthy and active lifestyle Commoditized product (Family Takaful membership)
Long-term investment + Active Lifestyle Rewards on weekly

basis + Annual Integrated Benefit

Long-term investment, no short-term benefit
Protects future if participant’s family + improved healthy

and active lifestyle of the participant

Protects the future of participant r’s family
Mobile-led strategy, IGI Life Vitality App linked to device Mobile app only for membership details and general information
Focuses on health through screening assessments via

Vitality Health Check (VHC) +Vitality Health Review (VHR) +

Vitality Nutrition Assessments (VNA) + Non-smokers

Declaration (NSD) + Vitality Age (VA)

No focus on health
High involvement product through weekly engagements Low involvement product through yearly transactional

relationship only

Please feel free to request a quote for group insurance. Contact our dedicated sales team:

Tel: 021-35369601

IGI Life has developed a network of around 250+ carefully selected hospitals spread across the country. A Hospital Panel list is available on the website. Click here to access it.

Filing a Claim

Our claim settlement procedure is prompt and hassle-free. It is advisable to consult our Customer Services team for detailed assistance while filing your policy claim.

Here is a simple step-by-step procedure to be followed when you make a claim.


A claim can be lodged directly without any delay through visiting IGI Life Website Online Claim Intimation (as given below) by filling given fields which shall be transmitted to Claims Department immediately

OR send intimation letter from the Policy Owner/ Claimant (as the case may be) under his / her signature giving particulars of loss (death, Disability or Sickness) with Cause, Date, Place and Name of Covered Person. Always remember to mention the current address and contact number of the claimant while submitting intimation.

Claim must be lodged within 30 days of date of loss.


Upon intimation of loss, IGI Life will provide relevant claim forms for filing along with evidence of loss i.e. Death Certificate, Original Policy Document, CNIC of insured and nominee(s), Hospital Record, Police Report and Post Mortem Report (in case of accident only) or any other requirement as called by IGI Life based upon the nature of events Claim Forms Link

Arrange for medical bills/reports for medical related claims: In case of hospitalization or medical related claims, produce all medical bills (original) and medical report (photocopies) issued by the attending provider.

Attestation: Documents can be submitted in original or photocopies, attested by a Gazetted Government Official/Issuing authority. Original copies of documents may be called for inspection.



The Original documents & forms (hard copy) properly completed, signed and witnessed must be submitted with IGI Life Head Office within 90 days after the loss for which the claim is made.


A claim is settled as soon as requirements to the satisfaction of IGI Life are submitted at its Head Office.


Kindly ensure that in case of claim by Policy Owner, all documents and forms are signed by you as per signature affixed by you on your Policy’s original Proposal Form/CNIC.

Last updated Tuesday 5th March 2024