Why Choose Takaful Insurance from IGI Life?

Following the Takaful Rules 2012 issued by SECP the conventional life insurance companies were allowed to commence Window Takaful Operations. IGI Life was amongst the pioneers to embark upon the Family Takaful venture. IGI Life believes that this initiative will help in improving the acceptability of financial security amongst the society particularly in segments who have apprehensions about conventional insurance. By virtue of our Window Takaful Operations License, innovative family takaful products are solutions are available for our customers which are 100 %  Shari’ah compliant.  List of products available through our Window takaful operations include

  • Family Takaful
  • Group Family and Health Takaful
  • Microtakaful

When it comes to choosing the right insurance premium to cover you and your family, you’ll have several options. While conventional insurance is offered in many places, it’s not sharia-compliant. This is why IGI life brings you the best family takaful insurance in Pakistan to protect you from risk.

Our Takaful insurance plans are fully compliant with the latest insurance guidelines and are in line with the financial regulations. IGI Life has been providing the best insurance plans in Pakistan ranging from health insurance to life insurance and much more. So, if you are looking for reliable family takaful insurance in Pakistan, then IGI Life is the perfect choice for you.

Our successful Takaful insurance policies are based on a member contribution model where all members share the risk equally. We also offer predetermined payouts, so you can be assured of getting coverage when you need it. Whether it be life insurance, accident insurance, health insurance, or other types of risk management plans, our family takaful plans will cover you fully.

IGI Life also believes in providing the best solutions to everyone. Regardless of your income level or contribution capacity, we’ll cover you in case of unexpected risk. Best of all, you can choose plans with the best returns, so you don’t have to worry about your takaful contributions eating into your monthly budget. Our plans are affordable and provide adequate risk protection for ultimate peace of mind. So, contact us today and to get the best family Takaful insurance in Pakistan.

We also offer a wide range of Takaful plans according to varying customer needs. If you are looking for something that will only cover certain types of risks, then choose our micro takaful plans. Otherwise, you can go for the best group health and family takaful insurance in Pakistan.

Last updated Monday 26th February 2024