5 Hidden Benefits of Health Insurance That You Should Know!

An affordable health insurance plan has endless advantages, including paying for inpatient expenditures, ambulance fees, domiciliary care costs, and organ donation prices.

The health insurance policies provide additional hidden perks in addition to the standard features and benefits, which many individuals are unaware of.

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Following are the five hidden benefits of an affordable health insurance plan that can be availed in Pakistan if you partner up with a good health insurance company:

1. Alternative Treatments Coverage

Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and homoeopathy are examples of alternative remedies that have been developed to address certain ailments since there have been variances in the standard therapies.

These AYUSH procedures have fewer or no adverse effects, making them more dependable.

For the benefit of its clients, affordable health insurance companies offer AYUSH coverage up to a certain maximum.

Both government hospitals and accredited medical facilities are acceptable places for policyholders to use their AYUSH benefits.

2. Benefits of Recovery

The health insurance companies pay for the policyholders’ recovery costs under this benefit, which is also known as the recovery benefit.

It provides financial assistance to the policyholders to make up for the income loss they suffer as a result of being hospitalized because of a medical condition.

In the event of a protracted hospital stay, the policyholders are given a lump sum payment of the claim amount, and some affordable health insurance plans additionally cover the expense of sympathetic family visits.

3. Checkup for Complementary Medicine

After two to four years without filing a claim, depending on the insurer, affordable health insurance carriers reward their subscribers by providing free medical checks.

These preventative medical exams are cashless and are available at the network hospital of the health insurance company. This is one of the most important advantages that policyholders receive, along with the other accrued perks like no claim bonuses, discounts, etc.

4. Charges for Organ Donors

The typical cost of an organ transplant may run over millions of dollars.

It typically costs between Rs. 3 Lakhs and 5 Lakhs, which might drain the policyholders’ bank accounts. Before investing, you should carefully review the conditions of your health insurance company policy since regular organ donor expenditures may be covered by your basic health insurance plan.

The coverage for organ transplants varies from insurer to insurer since some may provide it as an extra cover, and others may provide it with a cap.

These insurance cover costs such as post-operative problems, hospitalization of the donor, screening costs, etc.

5. Hospital Daily Cash Allowance

Daily cash allowance is one of the numerous extra benefits that health insurance companies provide to their customers.

As part of this coverage, the insurer provides the patient with a certain sum on a daily basis to help with living expenses while they are in the hospital. In the event of intensive care therapies, this fee may reach Rs. 4000 per day.

It takes care of the policyholders’ lodging and meal costs.

Depending on their medical condition, people might submit claims for the same.

There are several other perks that people may take advantage of when it comes to the claim settlement process, in addition to the previously stated hidden benefits of health insurance policies for policyholders.

You should thoroughly read the fine print when you buy a health insurance plan at the time of purchase to have a better knowledge of it.

Last updated Thursday 18th April 2024