How to Plan Your Child’s Wedding on Budget?

Are you planning to get one or more of your children married?

If yes, then you surely would be stressed about the expenses of a Pakistani wedding and how you’d manage everything.

From the booking of venues for the usual wedding events, to get gifts for the in-laws and managing the making of gold jewelry on time, there surely is a lot to pay for.

If have not invested in a marriage insurance policy on time, there are high chances of you being drowned in debt after marrying a child.


5 Steps to an Affordable Wedding

Planning an affordable wedding within your budget when you live in Pakistan may sound like a dream, but dreams do come true!

The task is surely hard because weddings require a lot of funding, especially if you don’t have a marriage insurance. However, you can plan an affordable wedding by following these five steps below:

1. Communicate the Wedding Budget

If you’re responsible for paying for the event, it’s best to sit down and calculate the entire wedding budget.

This may be your first-time budgeting for a wedding event, but you won’t fall into debt if you learn to talk frankly and honestly about how much you can spend, and how much you’re willing to spend on the wedding.

Plus, communicating the wedding budget in your family would reduce the likelihood of financial disputes. You need to also most importantly, plan for marriage insurance in Pakistan if the wedding is not so soon yet.

2. Pick Out a Suitable Location

Naturally, the location of your child’s wedding has an impact on the cost of your wedding. You may blow your budget if you want a wedding at a 5-Star hotel, but if you choose a low-key location, you may save more than you think. Search for a Marriage Plans company in Pakistan to assist you in deciding on locations.

3. Figure Out Your Priorities

When planning a wedding on budget, the first thing you’d have to learn to do is prioritize to remain within your budget. Make a list of all the things you wish to spend money on, even if they seem insignificant. Then go over the list again and sperate the must-haves from the items you could do without jeopardizing the big day.

If you are having a hard time getting rid of things, try to DIY at home. For instance, someone creative among your children or family can make gift bags instead of getting them from a fancy retailer.

Similarly, you can cut cost by skipping printed wedding cards and going for digital invites instead.

4. Make a Limited Guest List

You may be tempted to make a guest list that includes everyone, but consider this: each attendee is an expense. You’re only increasing the overall expense of your wedding with each addition to your guest list. To save money on your wedding, consider having a smaller, more private gathering.

5. Timing is Everything

Avoid the winter “Wedding Season” when the prices are soaring, and go for a summer wedding instead to save costs. The heat maybe not be ideal but you’ll save on the location and vendor costs. Wedding resources will be plentiful and you will have a wider selection of options rather than paying exorbitant sums of money for the most mundane things.

All in all, weddings can be burdensome for the family member who pays for all expenses. Planning the wedding on time would help reduce costs significantly.

Also, don’t forget to buy marriage insurance policy in Pakistan!

Last updated Tuesday 5th December 2023