Uniquely designed for DIB customers, Aitemaad Al Islami plan is designed to offer Takaful benefit along with growth of funds to meet multiple savings and protection needs.
The plan is being offered by IGI Life – Window Takaful Operations and has been exclusively designed for DIB customers. It is only available through DIB branches.

The plan consists of two core aspects:
• Vitality: focuses on wellness by providing you with an understanding of
your current health status and incentivizes you to improve your health.
• Takaful coverage: caters to your need for financial security and provides
investment opportunities.

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With the recent development in Islamic Banking and respective finance modes, there has been a growing demand from the masses for instruments and methods through which they con safeguard the future or themselves and their loved ones while being in compliance with the standard as set out by Shari’ah Family Takaful addressed this issue and enables participants to protect their financial future with specific target in mind like; Children’s Education, Daughter’s Marriage, Building / renovation at home or planning tor carefree lite otter retirement

!GI life has always been of the forefront of providing the best services to its customers in line with their requirements We were amongst the first companies who obtained the license to initiate Window Takaful Operations (WTO) in 2015 Under its Window Takaful Operations IGI Life brings Yaqeen Al Islami which is a unique plan designed for Dubai Islamic Bank customers. Dubai Islamic Bank will only act as an agent/distributor of this takaful plan.

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Last updated Wednesday 27th September 2023