Significant Policies Adopted

IGI Life Insurance is committed to fair disclosure based on applicable laws and regulations. All information is released through by the Marketing department or designated individuals. Unpublished information may be disclosed to external organization or individuals only on “need-to-know” basis upon explicit management approval.

In conducting its business, IGI Life Insurance is inspired by and complies with the principles of loyalty, fairness, transparency, and efficiency. Any action, transaction and negotiation performed and generally, the conduct of IGI Life employees in the performance of their duties is inspired by the highest principles of fairness, completeness and transparency of information, clarity and truthfulness of all accounting documents, in compliance with the applicable laws in force and internal regulations. Bribes, illegitimate favors, request for personal benefits of oneself or others, either directly or through third parties, are prohibited without any exception.

It is prohibited to pay or offer, directly or indirectly, money and material benefits and other advantages of any kind to third parties, whether representatives of governments, public officers or private employees, in order to influence or remunerate the actions of their office.

Accepting gifts or any other form of hospitality is not allowed as commercial courtesy, as it may compromise the integrity and reputation of either party, and can be construed by an impartial observer as aimed at obtaining undue advantages. Only company giveaways are acceptable.

IGI Life embarks on a plan for business growth amidst increasing competitiveness in the insurance industry; the importance of effective risk management and internal control environment in the Company is more than ever before. To this end, the Company has a comprehensive Risk Management Framework comprising of an effective risk management strategy, risk management structure and a policy framework.

The purpose of this Framework is to assist the Company’s Board of Directors and its senior management in formalizing and improving the risk management and internal control environment and in implementing an Integrated Entity-wide Risk Management Framework by describing the risk management policies relating to each component of the framework.

The objective of internal control policy is to help IGI Life Insurance evaluate processes, assess their performance and manage risks. Good internal controls can help the company achieve its objectives and avoid surprises.

Broad objectives of Internal Controls include:

  1. To ensure efficiency and effectiveness of operations;
  2. To ensure reliability, completeness and timeliness of financial and management information; and
  3. To ensure compliance with policies, procedures, regulations and laws

IGI Life is committed to high standards of ethical, moral and legal business conduct. In line with this commitment and the company commitment to open communication, this policy aims to provide an avenue for employees to raise concerns and reassurance that they will be protected from reprisals or victimization for whistle blowing. The scope of policy is for all permanent, contractual and field force.

As part of our corporate social responsibility agenda, IGI Life continues to support education, health, culture, sports related activities and all other initiatives in the larger interest of general public. For this purpose, IGI Life allocates a budget of up to 2% of the Company’s after tax profit annually.

Donations by the Company may only be made where it is made in compliance with applicable laws and to an established entity.

IGI Life carries out the following welfare activities from the allocated budget:

  • To support, assist, sponsor, manage and direct specific projects and activities; such as, Build, assist, administer manager or run hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, schools, homes for children, orphans and old people;
  • Support educational activities, welfare institutes, provides books, study material and trainings to help poor and needy students; welfare, medical aid and relief to poor and needy patients through facilitation, treatment and aid;
  • Support all other activities and other initiatives in the larger interest of the general

IGI Life Insurance has set in place standard guidelines that demonstrate our intent to be a world class company that not only delivers quality products & services but also takes care of its personnel well-being, safety, environment & sustainability of the community. The scope of policy is applicable to each individual whether employee, contractor/sub- contractor, supplier, visitor and all other stake holders of IGI Life.

Last updated Monday 25th September 2023