Group Personal Accident

Accidents are a real and present problem. And although you cannot avoid the chances of accidents altogether, you can reduce some of the costs associated with them by providing valuable financial protection. IGI Life can help you create customised plans to protect groups of people – be it in an organisation, a club, a school or any such entity – thus providing them with the much needed financial support in the event of an accident.
IGI Life offers a range of Personal Accident products for you to choose from.

Being admitted in a hospital is stressful enough without the added worry of the additional expenses. Accident in-Hospital income is the perfect product to give you the added finances to cover expenses you incur while in hospital due to an accident or sickness. You can use it for any expense you want – childcare, travel expenses, a private room or even help at home if you need it.

This product provides an allowance for each day of hospital confinement, which results from a covered accident or sickness
We provide 24-hour coverage, all year round
The payout is will be made for the duration of the confinement subject to a maximum of up to 52 weeks

This benefit provides an indemnity for Accidental Death, Dismemberment, Loss of Sight, Hearing, Speech and Permanent Total Disability which result from a covered accident. Under this plan, you are covered 24-hours, 365 days of the year.

This benefit provides an indemnity to replace income lost during a period of disability, which results from a covered accident. It is 24-hour coverage, year round.
This coverage is commonly referred to as “Weekly Income” or “Disability Income” ‘AWI’ and is only available for employed persons.

Commonly referred to as ‘AMR’, the Accidental Medical Reimbursement product is a simple way of ensuring that the financial impact of an accident is limited and the injured person can recover safe in the knowledge that his medical expenses are being taken care of. The insured can claim a reimbursement of the medical expenses he or she incurred as a result of a covered accident.

This product offers immediate financial help to combat the listed set of critical illnesses.

The list of illnesses are the following:

Major cancer
First heart attack
Serious coronary artery disease
Heart valve surgery
Primary Pulmonary Hypertension
End-Stage Lung Disease
End-Stage Liver Failure
Fulminant Hepatitis
Kidney Failure
Aplastic Anaemia
Major Organ/ Bone Marrow/ Transplantation
Last updated Thursday 18th April 2024